These are first and foremost pets but they all have other jobs as well -

Jaro’s son and Logan’s nephew, Ryac competes in Obedience competitions, has qualified B ex in Obedience and is currently working C, the top Obedience class. He had a small part in a film earlier this year - The Lobster with Colin Farrell

Prudence has packed so much into her 14 years - Peata hospital visiting dog, appeared in films, adverts, numerous other TV appearances and working on the Connolly’s RED MILLS stand at Crufts helping to pack bags and entertain customers.

Julie Holme's canine family - Ryac, Prudence, Jaro, Claudia and Logan

She also worked in dog food demos around the country for RED MILLS before her retirement earlier this year. Prudence plays the part of Lily in Doggie Come Dine With Me. Although retired she still works hard keeping the others in order

Jaro was the first Border Collie in Ireland to gain his Junior Diploma in breed competitions. He qualified Cd Ex in Working Trials and C ex in Obedience. He also represented Ireland at Crufts in World Cup Obedience Team event.

Since retiring from Obedience in 2012 (was in C the top class), Jaro has taken up a TV film and advertising career. Plays Gordon the Chef in Doggie Come Dine With Me. He can be seen alongside Colin Farrell in The Lobster

Since Prudence’s retirement, Claudia has taken on the role of the Connolly’s RED MILLS demo dog and can be seen entertaining the crowds on their stand at Crufts. She will be competing in Obedience competitions in 2015

In his lifetime has been a breed show dog, (qualified for life for Crufts breed). Also competed in Obedience competitions and represented Ireland three times in the World Cup Obedience Team event (retired at Crufts 2010).

He is a Peata hospital visiting dog and has had parts in various films such as Man About Dog, and Milo. At 13.5 years old he still enjoys life and loves to play.

I started feeding Connolly’s RED MILLS Leader Dog Food to my dogs about eight years ago and I would never dream of feeding them any other food. Both Ryac and Claudia were reared on the Leader Puppy and along with Logan, they are now enjoying Leader Supreme.  Prudence and Jaro are feeding Leader Lite.

Their health and great condition are a testament to the quality of the great food my dogs are on

Doggie Come Dine With Me

Featuring Julie's dogs - Prudence and Jaro.