The Ups and Downs of 4* Eventing and Prep for Tatts

Camilla Speirs on 13 May 2015
Sport. Sport gives one a platform to discover possibilities and opportunities where one can thrive, but also, where one can fall. Success and failure come hand-in-hand when it comes to sport, but it's only the tiniest of things that separate them. 

Eventing continues to give me a taste of success, but it sure does keep me grounded at the same time. I left Badminton Horse Trials with a bitter sweet feeling - the undeniable and forgettable peach of a cross country round that I had on one of the world's toughest tracks, and yet one second of unfortunate judgment and it's game over.

A score of 49.8 in the dressage left us in a competitive position but a clear inside the time cross country would have been necessary to put us in the running for a placing.

One thing for sure is that I am extremely privileged and honoured to be riding one of the most amazing horses in the world. However, I keep having to rein myself back and remember that I am still very young and this is a journey and maybe it's not my time to reach my destination just yet. I will continue to learn from these mistakes and I know that I will be a better competitor because of it!

Looking at the bigger picture, I have a safe, happy and sound horse back in his stable and we may not have come home with a trophy, but my god did we have some spin!! He showjumped so well on the Sunday that I know we are so close. All the Irish riders represented their country extremely well - two riders in the top ten and all riders completing shows, we are becoming a force to be reckoned with. It was great to see fellow team mate Mike Ryan and Ballylynch Adventure finishing in 9th, they're like the Benjamin Button of the eventing world - they're only getting better with age!

A big thank you to my Mum for all her help and encouragement throughout the week and also to Diarm (The Eventing Consultant) who is there to support me every step of the way. 

It was great to meet all of Jif's biggest fans in front of Badminton House after the cross country day and to hear them cheering us on around the entire track was just brilliant. Even just one little cheer helps instil that extra bit of confidence needed around such a challenging track. 

So it's back to reality on arrival home and then next stop Tattersalls! I have one last run in Kilmanahan in the Connolly’s RED MILLS Superleague CNC2* with BT Border Bandit and BT Cloudnine and two horses in the Novice; Goldman and BT Bentley. They will just have a quiet spin to get them prepared and confident for Tattsls

I am also taking a trip to Monart, famously known as one of the best "spa and luxury hotels". I'm not one for ever treating myself so you won't be surprised to hear its because I am taking five horses to an event there next Wednesday - BT Macdiamond, BT RockandRoller, BT Just a Rebel, BT Mattias and LEB Lias Jewel. I think it's important to dedicate the time to my youngsters no matter how busy we are and Monart is the perfect place for them to get some experience. 

We also have lovely new addition to my string of youngsters - Loughnatousa Cedar, a six year old owned by Rory Costigan. I am looking forward to getting his eventing career up and running and I think he is a very exciting young prospect for the future. 

It's great to see such a massive entry for Tatts this year and talking to all the riders in Badminton, all the big eventing celebrities will be taking part. As for now, I am off galloping and cross country schooling with nine horses so I look forward to catching up with you all again next week! 
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