Tatts 2015 - The Wait Is Almost Over

Camilla Speirs on 21 May 2015

The excitement has been building for weeks now and this time next week Tattersalls Horse Trials will be well underway! BT Cloudnine and Goldman had their final runs in Kilmanahan last Sunday and I am glad to say they felt better than ever.

Camilla Speirs in action recentlyGoldman won his class leading the way by four marks and both jumping phases were flawless. BT Cloudnine kept up his consistent form at 2* level a steady confident round cross country has left him feeling better than ever, before next week.

A couple of months ago, I changed his feed from the Connolly’s RED MILLS Cool Feed Cubes to their Horse Care 10% and I must say the results have been great. We have stepped up his fitness programme and the 10% (higher protein) has enabled him to become much fitter and stronger. All of my horses in tough work are all getting the 10% and in the lead up to a CCI will also get a bit of the 14%. As my horses are quite blood it's difficult to keep the weight on them when their at peak fitness so I have found that the 10% really helps them to hold condition.

Most of my younger horses are on the Connolly’s RED MILLS Cool Feed Cubes and Conditioning Mix with an added drop of linseed oil to keep their coats gleaming. Our day trip to the Monart unaffiliated event was extremely educational and I believe the youngsters will all have come on a lot from it, I look forward to having them all at Tattersalls next year.

I think the 6&7 year old CCI1* is going to be an extremely exciting class and a great addition to what is already one of the greatest events in the world. Equi - ratings has shown us that Tattersalls is third on the list for receiving the highest amount of entries in the world. This is a phenomenal feat considering Ireland is a small country.

It also shows that a number of the Tatts victories at 1* and 2* level have gone on to win a 4* - Bay My Hero and Wesko ridden by William Fox-Pitt and Tim Price to name but a few. I hope that one day my two 1* campaigners will go on to follow in their footsteps! I hope everyone has a fun and successful week, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

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