Cobs Letter to Rudolph

Sabrina Barnwell MVB MRCVS on 24 December 2014

Dear Rudolph,

ƒAnother twelve months has flown by, at least I sent you a thank you card this year!

Hope all well in the North Pole, I am sure it is getting busy up there at the moment. How are Blitzens ulcers doing? Hope the HorseCare 10 is helping.

I have had a very relaxing year since we were last in touch, mostly in the field working on my outline!! Actually if you could pop another Connollys RED MILLS rug into my stocking this year that would be great, it is possible that last year’s one doesn’t really fit me at the moment!

The RED MILLS Ambassadors have had a very successful year so thanks for sending everybody their year’s supply of HorseCare 10, same again this year please.

I have come up with a decidedly brilliant plan to reduce your workload this Christmas. There is one group of RED MILLS Ambassadors that all want the same thing as their surprise…. You may have noticed that the showjumpers on the GCT tour have a rather hectic travel schedule. They even went to China this year!

As you know getting feed wasn’t a problem, RED MILLS was the official feed supplier at Shanghai. No, the main problem is getting around the world quickly and safely. Shane Breen, Denis Lynch and Billy Twomey have all signed a pledge promising to be very good boys if you could spare some of that magic dust that you and Prancer and the boys use on Christmas night.

I did think it was a bit rude of them to leave young Bertram Allen off the list but then I discovered that they think you have given Molly Malone a secret pot of it for going that fast in jump offs! I watched him winning in the RDS and the FEI world cup class in Verona and I actually think they might be right!

The eventers will be wanting shiny new RED MILLS saddle pads for practicing their dressage and stuff because they have qualified for RIO!!! Bushman is slightly concerned that the rapidly expanding numbers of tiny humans in the Watson household might mean that he would get forgotten.

I promised him that Santa will definitely remember him after his fab cross country at WEG. A certain pocket sized wonder horse would like a new TV in his stable so that he can watch re runs of his “Just a Jiff” magic in the water at WEG.

Esib Power would like to continue her winning streak from this year please! Maybe you could send her an extra pallet of Competition Mix because she has lots of very promising horses each looking to fill the very big shoes of Kilpatrick River, who we will all miss this Christmas.

If you are stuck for some extra sleigh power this year I am probably not in my most athletic state right now. Maybe you should give Adventure de Kannan a shout though. Is there nothing that horse can’t do! What hope do the rest of us have when he is there as the shining example of what one can achieve even with one eye.

Honestly, if my owner mentions that horse one more time in awed tones I may just may to have a word. I suppose in the interest of fairness you had better send him some HorseCare 10, but definitely no rugs, have you seen how many he won this year?!

Hugs to the family, hope the little ones are eating all their GROCARE every morning.

Happy Christmas,

The Cob. Age 12.

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