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Nutrition Is Key to Keeping Horses in Prime Condition

The production of show horses involves getting the horse to look well, move well and behave well on the day of the show. During the busy show season they are often in action every week.The body condition of show horses has attracted a lot of negative attention in recent years with the worrying trend of obesity.

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Electrolyte Loss, Head Stress and Dehydration

All muscular contraction creates heat, be it walking around the field grazing, or running a race. Some of this heat is stored by the body for bodily functions and for keeping warm. However, it is vital that the excess body heat be lost or dissipated if the animal is to maintain or control its body temperature.

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Risks Involved with Mycotoxin Ingestion

Each harvest season seems to bring a variety of challenges that horse owners and farmers need to address. Moulds or fungi and their associated mycotoxins are present on all crops in varying amounts each year, depending on the climatic growing conditions.

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Protein – Friend or Foe?

Protein serves a multitude of roles in the body. It is used to build and repair body tissues, and is a major component of the body forming muscles, skin, tendons, blood vessels, organs, bone, hair and hoof. It is not only important in building cells and repairing tissues, but also aids in regulating many of the bodies’ systems and functions. 

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