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Kirsty’s Badminton bound for the first time

Written by Connolly's RED MILLS on 02 May 2018

Kirsty’s Badminton bound for the first time

Kirsty Short is no stranger to 4* eventing having competed at Burghley, Luhmuhlen and Pau but 2018 sees her heading to her first Badminton. We caught up with Kirsty, who has been feeding RED MILLS for several years, to find out how her preparations for the big B were going.

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Assessing your horse’s body condition score

Assessing your horse’s body condition score regularly is a very useful tool when analysing your horses health. This is particularly important at times of the year where some horses’ are prone to sudden weight gain (summer) and weight loss (winter)

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Colic Part 1: Types of Colic

Colic is a term used to describe abdominal pain and is the most common disorder occurring in the gastrointestinal tract. Colic is a broad term used to describe a range of more specific problems, and there are many types of colic horses can suffer from. This article takes a look at these.  
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Nutritional Management Throughout Weaning

Preparation before weaning your foals will make the process much easier. A key aspect of this preparation includes considering the changing nutritional needs of both the mare and foal.
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