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Optimum Sowing and Feeding Dates for Forage Crops

There is a broad range of forage crops available to farmers but it is about finding the one that is most suited to your management system. The following grid gives a summary of the times of year most suited to growing forage crops, grazing periods and sowing rates.

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Points to Consider for Growing a Successful Crop of Forage Maize

Maize silage is a high energy starch-rich palatable feed ideal for ruminant rations. It is a reliable and consistent forage, which helps support high levels of animal performance. Paying attention to variety choice and agronomy are critical to achieving the benefits of the crop.

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Preparing the Suckler Cow for Autumn Calving

Preparation of the suckler cow for autumn calving is based around having her at optimum health and body condition score. Feeding suckler cows is based on a fairly simple principle - namely, feed to body condition score in relation to the stage of the production cycle.

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Reason to Choose a High Quality Milk Replacer over whole Milk

The fundamental goal of calf rearing is to keep mortality rates as low as possible and produce a healthy calf at weaning. This can be achieved by keeping them free from disease and enhancing their immune systems, thus setting a base for continued high performance.

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Recommendations for moving to an Autumn/Winter Feeding Programme

Animals on grass from late summer until mid-September should be achieving a weight gain per day of 1.0 kg on a sole grass based diet. However, this may not be the case across all Irish farms as forage offered may not be high in quality. As a result, live weight gain compromised.

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