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45th IGFA Annual Dinner on 26th January 2018

Created on 02 February 2018

The Red Mills team attended the 45th Annual dinner in the Crown Plaza on January 26th. Joe Connolly is the President for this year, he also served as President in 2009. Liam Connolly served as President in 1984. Michael Phelan served as President in 2013. 

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Year End Draw Winners

Created on 03 August 2017

Every year we have a draw for our customers who have paid their account by the 31 May clearing any outstanding bill up to the 30 April. The winners from each branch for the 2016 year end draw are...

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Preparing for Spring Calving Season

Written by Michael Butler on 10 January 2018

Preparing for Spring Calving Season
With calving season just around the corner, particular attention must be placed on herd health and appropriate mineral supplementation to avoid further problems later in the season. 

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Soil Fertility and its Impact on Silage Yields

According to a recent report sub-optimal soil fertility is probably the core reason that target silage yields and digestibility are not achieved on many farms. Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)  soil values along with pH level play a significant role in the potential grass yield.

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Buffer Feeding into the Autumn

Since grazed grass is still the cheapest form of feed available, any chance to keep the milking herd grazing through the autumn could be considered worth taking. However, this must be done with full knowledge of the limitations of autumn grass.

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Dealing with Acidosis in the Beef Herd

Ruminal acidosis continues to be a common ruminal digestive disorder in beef cattle and can lead to marked reductions in cattle performance. It is a metabolic disorder, where pH levels decrease very rapidly below 5 to 6, which supports lactic-acid producing bacteria.

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